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About Us

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Total Protection = Peace of Mind

Big Bear Cybersecurity provides the best solution to security. We don’t just install an antivirus product and tell you you’re secure. You will get a thorough review of your information security including the network, PCs, software, and staff.

We are founded on the belief that securing your business is not just about protecting technology. It is about protecting you and your staff. It is very scary to have your office not function due to an IT outage, or worse, a ransomware attack. That is why we treat your data like a mama bear would protect her cubs.

Bear Mom Fights Off Male to Protect Her Babies


Don't even think about calling a computer consultant before you read this!

If you are a small business owner looking for computer security consultant, then it’s critical that you get and read this advisory: The Top 10 Ways Hackers Get Around Your Firewall and Anti-Virus to Rob You Blind.